Kryptos Blockchain Based Communication Solutions

Kryptos Token is a decentralized crypto communication and document storage project using the state of the art Ethereum infrastructure. It is also aimed to ensure the security of the documents of the will type owing to the scheduled document service.

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More Information About the Project Kryptos

Communication with Blockchain Technology

Kryptos is a commercial profit-oriented, secure and free communication channel that operates via the blockchain network. Kryptos has been designed on the basis of the principle of the confidentiality of communication, which is also included in the United Nations declaration of human rights and guaranteed in many countries by the laws. Envisaged for free, private and secure communication via computers, tablets or phones anywhere in the world with Internet access, Kryptos has been designed to lead its field by its principles across the world.

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Private Communication

Private communication, an incontestable right of every person, is under the protection of the NSA-approved public AES256 encryption algorithm.

Secure Communication

Secure communication with Kryptos, which does not archive any data and which does not ask the personal information of the users who do not want to be continuously monitored and who wish to protect their personal data.

Free Communication

Shout freely so that all the world can hear you!
Free, uncensored and unstoppable communication for the people from all around the world having something to say, having a message to give and wishing to raise awareness.

Kryptos Token

A token with tangible value

It has been generated as the instrument of payment for the Kryptos communication programs.
In addition to being used for the purposes of product purchase and service procurement between the buyers and sellers or having a cover in the free stock exchange, Kryptos Token is the only cryptocurrency that is to be used as the instrument of payment in the Kryptos projects.
Kryptos Token, with the ERC 20 token technology that does not need extra mining owing to the use of the Ethereum Smart Contract infrastructure, will be prepared in a total quantity of in line with the current trade structure for the cryptocurrency. Kryptos Token will be included in our business model as a cryptocurrency, which, unlike many other cryptocurrencies, has a tangible value.

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Kryptos Messenger

Private and secure communication

Messenger program is the software that provides the association between the user device and the blockchain.
Having visuals and ease of use like those in Whatsapp, Kryptos Messenger is the software enabling the messages to be sent in encrypted or clear-text form through the use of devices like mobile phone, tablet or personal computer. The Kryptos smart contract writes the message, which has been typed and encrypted by a user in his/her own device, in the Ethereum blockchain database so that it can be delivered to the address to be identified by the user in his/her device, thereby completing the transmission process. Whether or not to encrypt a message is entirely left to the discretion of the user. It should not be forgotten that any message that has not been encrypted will be broadcast as a wall writing that may be read by anyone searching the Ethereum blocks.
The encryption process will be performed by the AES 256 encryption algorithm included in the Kryptos library. In the AES 256 algorithm, the encryption and decryption keys are the same wherein the person intended to receive the message is required to also use Kryptos Messenger and to know the AES 256 encryption key and the block address.

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Kryptos SafeZone

Secure file transfer

Kryptos SafeZone is a convenient, useful and safe application that is based on the Blockchain technology.
Being a software supporting much larger-size files as compared to those supported by Kryptos Messenger, which is designed for daily use and has a simple and practical use, Kryptos SafeZone has been designed for document storage or transfer. As in the case of MIT’s (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) practice of sending digital diplomas to their students via the blockchain with the Blockerts Wallet application, KryptosSafeZone will enable the protection of or the secure delivery, to the right recipients, of the documents containing the information with high security level encrypted by the users in their personal computers by means of the AES256 algorithm.

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Kryptos WorldPaper

Shout freely so that all the world can hear you

We have a motto for “WorldPaper”, the biggest innovation offered by Kryptos: “Shout freely so that all the world can hear you.” WorldPaper, which does not enforce any limit on the dreams of any one, will be an uncensored and unstoppable platform where the people from all around the world having something to say, having a message to give, seeking help and wishing to raise awareness will meet. In the WorldPaper platform, a user may, according to his/her preference, broadcast his/her message under his/her true identity or under a nickname or may do the same anonymously by concealing his/her identity. The identity of a user is inaccessible unless he/she allows such access. In “WorldPaper”, there is no limit to the dreams; if you want, you can upload a picture on the wall, you can rise up, you can shout, you can protest or you can write a letter to the future to make yourself heard by billions of people

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Do not miss the Kryptos ICO Opportunities

Kryptos ICO period means a great opportunity, because you will not be able to purchase shares in the communication sector with ICO conditions after the ICO period.

Why is every company in the communication sector worth billions of USD?
The reason is that the communication sector is enormous and is a money-maker.
With the blockchain technology, Kryptos will make a difference for private, secure and free communication in the communication sector in these days that witness the talks about data siphoning.
Now imagine, would not it be wonderful to be one of the partners of the project Kryptos?

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Kryptos Token

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Egemen POLAT

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Electronic card design and computer software developer. Worked on security software, automation software and workflow (ERP) software and conducted various trainings.

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